Nesting birds: Our nest check policy

Our nest check found a bird's nest.

Always perform a nest check. ‘Nesting’ season is officially February until August (RSPB).

Like all responsible tree surgeons we are aware that we are governed by several Acts that protect wildlife; we adhere and keep within the limitations of The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, The European Habitats Directive 1991 and The Pollution Prevention and Control Act.

It is coming up to the time of year where hedge trimming requests will double. Along with this comes the responsibility to be aware of nesting birds both high in the trees and also those who nest at ground level in hedges and large shrubs (these ground level nests often overlooked by gardeners and tree surgeons alike).

Aureus carry out a pre-work nest check before every job at this time of year and we will postpone work due to nesting birds if we find any. Our policy is simple. If there is a nest, the whole job is postponed until the birds have fledged and the nest is empty. We always contact you 4 weeks after discovering the nest and come back to do a ‘nest check.’ We will do as many of these checks as is necessary to allow the birds time to vacate. In some instances we are able to postpone for just 2 to 4 weeks but some may take longer. In the unlikely event that we have missed a nest and we come across one during work, we immediately suspend (ensuring the tree/hedge is safe) and come back to finish once the chicks have fledged.

We rely on the understanding of our customers in situations where a nest is found. We are efficient at booking nest checks in so that nobody waits over the time they need do.

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